December sky #NamelessSky

The SKY - December sky #NamelessSky 

" The SKY - Time lapse " produces relaxing movie. Our name is JUICY STUDIO. and We are engineer group from Japan. We started this channel with a simple vision: to
Peace of mind a place that you can visit in order to relax & feel inspired. Let me know in the comments what you think!

All the movie on this channel is produced and copyrighted by me, JUICY STUDIO. - Hitoshi Katsumata.
All the music on this channel is copyrighted by Youtube Audio library.

Licensing/business: my movie is available for licensing. Please contact me at support@cocorozasi.net for more details.

Best wishes,
- Hitoshi Katsumata.

【 Relax - Timelapse 】


Day of Kagami biraki #NamelessSky

The SKY - Day of Kagami biraki #NamelessSky 

Holidays and observances - January 11

Children's Day (Tunisia)
Christian feast day:
- Anastasius of Suppentonia (Roman Catholic)
- Leucius of Brindisi (Roman Catholic)
- Mary Slessor (Church of England)
- Paulinus II of Aquileia
- Pope Hyginus
- Theodosius the Cenobiarch
- Thomas of Cori
- Vitalis of Gaza (Roman Catholic)
- January 11 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Earliest day on which Triodion can fall, while February 14 is the
latest; celebrated 70 days before Easter. (Eastern Orthodox)
Eugenio María de Hostos Day (Puerto Rico)
Independence Resistance Day (Morocco)
Kagami biraki (Japan)
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (United States)
Republic Day (Albania)

【 Relax - Timelapse 】


The coldest season. #NamelessSky

The SKY - The coldest season. #NamelessSky

Usual #life,
Usual #work,
Suddenly, look back.

Peaks of mountains,
Rumors of the trees,
The horizon seen far away,
#Cloud flow, blue #sky.

They are very important.

look up at the nameless sky.

#Relax #Timelapse #Nameless #Sky and #Cloud

【 Relax - Timelapse 】

:For shooting. - Smartphone (Android One).
:Music by - The 126ers.








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